So NOW H C & S has a public meeting scheduled (to conflict with KCA meeting.)

As many of you know, for years we have tried to have a public community meeting concerning the cane smoke, fugitive dust, coal burning and other air quality issues, but both H C & S and the responsible regulating agency, State Department of Health, Clean Air Branch (DOH-CAB) declined our invitations. Since this prohibited a balance discussion of the topic, we have made no presentation.

Now H C & S announces they are having a public meeting on topic, and chooses the third Tuesday evening on this month at 6:00 PM in Kahului. See media report


Is it possible this local corporation is unaware that for at least a decade KCA meeting are always their Tuesday evening of the month.? Just when we are holding our public meeting in Kihei to examine growing industrial hemp, which some believe is a viable crop to replace sugar cane, using much less water and almost eliminate pesticide need, and NO BURNING needed for harvesting , they select this same date and time for their public meeting Just serendipity? Who says there is nothing to do on a Tuesday evening?

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2 Responses to “So NOW H C & S has a public meeting scheduled (to conflict with KCA meeting.)”

  1. michael Federoff April 12, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Why not forgo the regular meeting and attend the HC&S meeting. What a great opportunity !!
    How is to say the next time HC&S will be in Kihei for a open meeting. On the other hand, the Kihei meetings are always going to happen…

  2. As far as we know, H C & S has never held a meeting in Kihei, and this one is not in Kihei either.Interesting commment “Kihei meetings are always going to happen.” Are you refering to KCA meetings? They will only happen when unpaid volunteers continue to deligently labor to organize and plan them, and permit non members to attend.