As many of you know, for years we have tried to have a public community meeting concerning the cane smoke, fugitive dust, coal burning and other air quality issues, but both H C & S and the responsible regulating agency, State Department of Health, Clean Air Branch (DOH-CAB) declined our invitations. Since this prohibited a balance discussion of the topic, we have made no presentation.

Now H C & S announces they are having a public meeting on topic, and chooses the third Tuesday evening on this month at 6:00 PM in Kahului. See media report


Is it possible this local corporation is unaware that for at least a decade KCA meeting are always their Tuesday evening of the month.? Just when we are holding our public meeting in Kihei to examine growing industrial hemp, which some believe is a viable crop to replace sugar cane, using much less water and almost eliminate pesticide need, and NO BURNING needed for harvesting , they select this same date and time for their public meeting Just serendipity? Who says there is nothing to do on a Tuesday evening?