UPDATE 1/5/16      KCA was among about 30 testifiers to the Committee with a division somewhat split to keep the law standing as is, as opposed to repealed. However in her opening, Chair Baisa offered that while all of it had not been digested due to sheer volume, the vast majority of submitted written testimony, last count about 70, was against the repeal  Of course since some, like KCA, did both oral & written, the actual total is hard to define. However since the prior meeting, See:  https://gokihei.org/environment/councils-water-committee-to-discuss-show-me-the-water-bill-wednesday-1516-morning

      was dedicated 100% to oral testimony, obvious conclusion is strong community interest prevailed.

Thus we found it interesting that with all seven Committee members attending and discussing, a quick decision was reached to file the bill, thus keeping the original bill in place.

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