A motivated boisterous, sometime down right rude, assembly met Roz, as well as her guest Board of Agriculture Chair Scott Enright last evening ( 1/28/16) at the Kihei Charter Middle School for a public meeting after the opening week of the 2016 Legislation. KCA had a strong presence of Directors, committee chairs and general membership representatives, who tried to lead by example of reasonable decorum, to no avail.

A large portions of the comments and concerned questions centered on Monsanto, chemicals, (including pesticides and herbicides) and GMO’s with good reason,  but too often they deteriorated into catcalls & unsubstantiated accusations Other minority issues addressed were health care, industrial hemp, relaunching of the SuperFerry, safety and security,

Once again Akaku, Maui Community Media was on hand to record the meeting, so look for that soon on cable television or  www.Akaku.org .