Numbers were small but a runner, bicycler and several walkers did it, and others joined shortly afterwards

We knew it was going to be tough, with the unavoidable short notice and a late morning weekday start, and then the rains came, but in spite of this, KCA had three board members participating in the opening at 10:00 AM today (11/20/15). The County government dominated with the Administrator, Legislator, Director and Deputy Director as well as some staff, and the developer and builder were there, as well as some neighborhood residents.

The through road runs from Keoneaki to Alanui Ke Ali’i,(AKA) but the short segment from Moana to AKA has been there for years. KCA has continuously been active to get the road built when the development began when it was completed, and for years after. While we have always advocated for what today is called a complete street, that is a separate bicycle path (not a painted line on the road) as well as a continuous sidewalk, both completely separate from the motor vehicles, today’s road does not come up to that standard, but at least it is open, has some stretches of sidewalks on each side, and stretches of designated bike lanes on the roadway. In addition to offering some connectivity to area residents, it gives another segment for recreational bicyclists who look for ways to serpentine north-south on neighborhood streets, escaping the dangerous SKR.

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