After deferring this matter at the 1/12/16 meeting, an “amended agenda” for next Tuesday’s meeting at 9:00 AM will allow Walgreens to again ask for a determination on their Environmental Assessment (EA) SEE

The County Planning Commission meeting will also address Kenolio Apartments, the 100%”affordable”186 rental units at the vacant lot along Kaonoulu Rd between Kenolio and the Highway. SEE: .   While we are strong supporters of “affordables”, we have expressed concern about flooding & traffic issues. We continually address what the Kihei Makena Community Plan (KMCP) states, Upon adoption of this plan, it shall be required that adequate facilities and infrastructure will be built concurrent with future development.

In spite of this a wide variety of S Maui developments are continuously approved and we are still left with just the P Highway and SKR ( which is very close to failing due to coastal erosion), no N-S Collector Road, as thousands of potential vehicles are added in our area from Makena to North Kihei.

Commissioners certainly heard from the community, concerning Walgreens at prior meeting, but are unclear how many residents and volunteers can attend again.  KCA plans to testify on both projects.