Claims it was “secret, poorly located, scarce parking” all proved false

Kelly King and Andrew Beerer share a smile as photobombed

9/14/17 # kihei
When we arrived about 15 minutes before announced commencement this evening there were already about 20 guys checking the displays and submitting comments. Due to the nature of an open house, there was no way to count attendance as individuals and groups came and went after stating their preferences and concerns, but at 5:30 PM we had over 40 in house.

The Kihei Aquatic Center was probably the most popular single facility, and we noted information on it stated the annual cost to operate it was $700k and that needed repairs will cost $600k, but it was clearly stated that there were no decisions at this time if an admission charge would be proposed, much less any specific amount. And no, no hint on any proposed “water park.”

KCA had five directors and several members attending and participating and the seemingly ever present Kelly King was engaged with the staff and the public. The P & R team was led by Deputy Director Brianne Savage.