IMG_2778 2/18/15  This morning a large contingent led by Jordan Hart of Chris Hart & partners (CHP) offered an informative power point presentation to the KCA DRC for Kamaole Pointe, a proposed work force housing condo project located mauka of the Rainbow Mall area on SKR, but to be accessed from the newly opened segment of Liloa, or the NSCR.

Using the newly redesigned Smart Growth Scorecard, the DRC newest improved featured allowing the development team to score the project themselves first, then presenting the project, answering questions and them the DRC withdraws to score the project, and the finished product will be offered to the development team.IMG_2782IMG_2780IMG_2786IMG_2785IMG_2787IMG_2788IMG_2791IMG_2792IMG_2794IMG_2793IMG_2795IMG_2796IMG_2798IMG_2799IMG_2800