At 6:30 PM this Tuesday, after required announcement of the 2017 elected officers, we will welcome a presentation by our newly elected So Maui District Council Member, Kelly King. @MauiCountyCouncil

  • She will be followed by updates on both the very long awaited County Kihei gym and the even longer awaited State Department of Education’s Kihei High School.
  • Keeping with a school theme, we’ll welcome the reappearance of the guys from “Grow Some Good.”, advising what is up with school gardens.
  • Our finale is scientific researcher Neil Rhoads to offer a first hand update on the KCA-sponsored research project to determine the quality of our marine waters that Neil and his research partner Mailea Miller-Pierce have begun.
  • This will be the first study addressing the effect of the near shore water condition on HUMAN health. (Have you donated?)

Please remember your non perishable nutritious #MauiFoodBank donation.

Is your membership current? Check in with the delightful Patricia at the welcome table.

What, you are STILL not a member?? Dude, it’s a new year – get off to a good start.

Honokahua Bay and the mixing silt.