6/8/2017 #kihei #mpo #planning

The Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is responsible for prioritizing and planning transportation maintenance and improvements. Its Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) met for its monthly meeting today at the County Building and discussed, among other things, using the “Federal-Aid Highways 2035 Transportation Plan for the District of Maui” from July 2014 as the interim MPO long-range plan. The federal plan is on the MPO Web site. Among the interesting items in the document:

  • The cost of addressing Maui’s transportation needs through 2035 are estimated at $3.7B
  • Increasing the capacity of the various pathways (e.g. adding lanes) accounts for $2.5B of that amount
  • Based on historical budget assignments, Maui can only expect to receive about $1.6B
  • Because of that, most of the money is expected to be spent on maintenance and safety, with very little available for increasing transportation capacity

The meeting decided to use this federal plan as the basis of its own interim long-range plan (with amendments). Discussion will continue at next month’s meeting. See the posted schedule for upcoming MPO meetings.