South Maui better vote at MPO for our needs or we can be forgotten. February 23 is the cut-off. Click here for the survey and complete.

2/8/18 #kihei
KCA was on the scene at 6:00 PM this evening at the Community Center when the Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) offered a survey for the community’s input on island-wide proposed projects over the next four years. The projects, divided by district, were assembled by the Tactical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the MPO.

With the South Maui community almost totally absent for the meeting, certainly less than ten guys – there were more state and county government officials present than public – one could conclude we don’t care, especially when we hear the Haiku meeting was packed. But you have the opportunity to correct such a perception right from your computer looking at

You have about two weeks to complete it, by 2/23/18

While we were encouraged that they included Kihei in their series of community meetings to meet with representatives of the MPO, we are left asking where the community was.

Our Maui non-profit KCA offered some history of the decades-long wait for a completion of the North-South Collector Road (NSCR) and the need for it. Also, how about a project for some sidewalks on South Kihei Road on numerous connecting streets?

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