11/26/17 #kihei
One of the most frequent requests for updates we receive concerns the long closed Maui Lu Resort in North Kihei (SEE: https://gokihei.org/news/whats-new-maui-lu).

For some history, see https://gokihei.org/development-project-review/whats-new-maui-lu-kca-has-some-answers-in-2015.

Sadly, our latest news is to report on vandalism occurring sometime late last evening at the only remaining old building. In a way leaving a boarded up “abandoned” building for years may induce this kind of criminal behavior, and some ask why was this the only one not demolished years back with all the others.

Our understanding is this is because the developer Cambridge/Hilton has construction plans for this site, which would be legally prohibited if the existing building is completely removed. But as announced commencement dates continue to come and go (January 2016 and then January 2017 have come and gone – maybe January 2018?) was the likelihood of criminal activity increased by these long delays?

One may expect security will now be increased to help insure it does not reoccur. Expect tomorrow they again board up all the damaged openings.

On a more positive note we understand from our Council Member Kelly King that the proposed traffic signal at Kaonoulu and South Kihei Road (SKR) that we have opposed for years, even financing a professional traffic study which verified a roundabout would be preferable, has become a moot point. It seems County Public Works now advises a roundabout will be in place at Kaonoulu and Kenolio and somehow that signal light at SKR will not be needed (we do not know the status of the proposed roundabout at Kalulike & Kaonoulu).

As always, stay tuned.