KCA defended South Maui budget items

6/18/19 #kihei #SouthMaui.

In our opinion, the major item in this meeting’s agenda concerned the Mayor’s “line item vetoes” in the FY 2020 County budget, due to  the imminent deadline. But the vast majority in attendance and among the testifiers addressed an item concerning prohibiting commercial activity at a West Maui beach. While a large number of Molokai residents testified remotely by phone on budget issues, just a few in the chambers addressed the Mayor’s proposed actions, which was our focus.

We spoke on four items, but two we expected to be filed any way. Our major focus was on the Mayor’s proposed vetoes to two matters in our district. One was the major $5M cut to the proposed Kihei-Makena sewer expansion plan (out of $7.5M). The Council overruled the mayor’s action by a 7-1 vote, with Yuki Lei Fujimura voting against and Riki Hokama excused.

The other matter was not a funding cut, but an effort to change the community’s intent of added security at Kalama Park, by changing it to all of our district’s parks, which made no sense to us, as the community concern was for this specific park. Fortunately once again the Council overruled the mayor, 7-1.

Look for a professional report in the Maui News.

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