Numerous Public Testifiers expected at 9:00 AM in Planning Room.
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Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) a large number of concerned citizens will likely descend on 250 S. High St in Wailuku to voice their concerns and opinions about ATC Makena Holdings request for a final determination on their Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Makena Resort makeover and expansion at Makena Landing. Many feel that for a significant development in a sensitive coastal region like Makena, there should be a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) before allowing construction, rather than just the weaker EA. We expect the Department of Planning will recommend a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), but we also expect a lot of residents will be opposed. Then it will be up to the Commissioners to decide.

A prior hearing almost a year ago (1/26/16) see

brought forth our comments as shown there.

While they also filed for a required Special Management Area (SMA) Use Permit, that will not be addressed until the EA matter is decided.