UPDATE 3/20/20  In response to some inquiries, the post was offered as community information, which we do frequently. We did state originally, ” We are not certain why there was an abrupt halt…”  If you want further particulars, we direct you to  https://www.facebook.com/LipoaMarket .

Do you shop at S Maui’s Farmers’ Markets?

Over the years we have had posts on other somewhat similar entities located in our community that sell produce.  SEE”



3/18/20 #kihei

After ten years of Saturday morning gatherings of Maui farmers and the Kihei community, the “pop up” Lipoa Street Farmers Market at 95 E Lipoa St, announced that last Saturday, March 14, 2020, was their final date of operations.

Plans for the future are not clear.

We are not certain why there was an abrupt halt after the decade of faithful performance. The only cancellation we recall was a hurricane  It may be that the coronavirus pandemic is the likely suspect.

The faithful contingent of shoppers who enjoyed having fresh, mostly organic produce delivered to central Kihei by the small-scale community farmers every Saturday morning will now have to look for other sources. 

An example of another potential source is participating in a CSA from Lapa’au Farms. Lapa’au Farms was a past participant at the Lipoa Street Farmers Market. The farm apparently plans to set up a Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) service between their farm, and possibly other farms, and the public. A CSA is commonly defined as a food production and distribution system where the public buys a subscription for food deliveries. The food products vary according to seasons and by the farm. The details of how Lapa’au Farms will operate their CSA may differ from other CSAs and the public should await further information from them. Some information was posted on The Lipoa Market Facebook page.

Of course, the public can always try to make the trek to Kula to visit the Upcountry Farmers’ Market.