UPDATE 3/8/14  Indications are the project will be completed before the end of March

UPDATE 2/28/14   While  at first glace it seems little was accomplished during this first week,it now appears big push begins on March 3, with the street parking ban.



The annouccement sign

was finally placed on Thursday (2/27/14)

Indications of preperation work are visible on the road surface & placement of the supply truck.

Meanwhile MPD is enforcing traffic laws in the area.

UPDATE 2/26/14  While the contracted company announced the project would begin on Monday 2/24/14, as  of today nothing has happend along this stretch of roadway. Our calls in to them have not been returned.

UPDATE 2/23/14  Our last report, (directly below) indicated Kenolio was next for Kihei, and while it has been over a year, the drastically needed project is set to begin this week.  Reportedly the project will address Kenolio Road between Ohukai Rd and Kaonoulu St. for resurfacing , but also “installation of pavement striping and markers, removal of obstructions and other incidental items.” It is obvious that the roadway south from Ohukai Rd to just north of Alulike is in dire need of repaving, as the portion from there to Kaonoulu had more recently not only been paved, but is wider with reasonable bike lanes and sidewalks. It is our hope that these “obstructions and other incidentals” will result in extending the bike lanes and sidewalks along Kenolio, back to Ohukai Rd., as we had addressed over a year ago.  Granted there are some challenging sections, but this is the North South Collector Rd corridor, and if we are to ever achieve the overly discussed walkable bikeable community, if not in this corridor, where?

1/25/2013   Apparently Director  David Goode’s Department of Public Works (DPW) next repaving project in South Maui will be Kenolio Road. We have not seen which segment of this road is designated in this project, but observation indicates very likely it will be between Ohukai Rd to just North of Alulike intersection. As Kenolio is the northernmost section of the “North -South Collector Rd” corridor, we have asked that department consider any actions which can be utilized to foster a walkable/bikeable community corridor for our residents, including continuous sidewalks and bike paths/lanes in this corridor. Presently these features are segmented in  a variety of qualities and lengths along both sides of Kenolio Rd.