Council’s Committee just listens Wednesday to a mostly aligned public.

This morning (6/15/16) with no remote site guys to address this Committee, KCA was first of thirteen in house ones answering Chair Baisa’s call to hear from the public. By our recollection all were in agreement that the proposed modifications to the “Show Me The Water Bill” should not be accepted.

The other presenters ranged from concerned citizens like Rosemary Robbins to those speaking for organizations like Albert Perez to professions like Robin Knox and Richard Abbott, candidates Kelly King and Trinette Furtado who voiced segments from OHA’s submitted testimony, and highlighted by former Council member Michelle Anderson, who created the bill many years ago.

As announced prior. the Committee took no action, but our conclusion was the legislature will await until the Maui County Water Use and Development Plan (WUDP) is complete or adopted, as many testifiers requested.

Look for a professional report in the Maui News from Melissa Tanji, likely Thursday morning.
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