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Our ”takeaway” from Friday (6/17/16) evening’s power point presentation by Professor Maoz Fine at the Maui Ocean Center is our continuing severe stressing and destruction of our coral reef system here by a number of continuous conscious actions, is setting it up for a death blow by “coral bleaching,” brought about by climate change and the resulting ocean acidification.

What mitigation can be implemented immediately? None for the long term climate change- that would take years, IF the will is there, to reverse that process. So the only chance is to reduce the local stressers, silt, ag & street run off, treated & untreated sewage, chemicals and more

While his research is centered at the other side of the globe at the Interuniversity Institute For Marine Science at Eliat SEE {Isreal} on the Red Sea, his extensive seemingly worldwide knowledge of the issue was apparent.

In spite of the schools of Ulua interspersed with sharks and other fish swimming by at his right shoulder, Dr Fine kept that rapt attention of the audience the entire time, and then took questions at the conclusion.