IMG_5628.JPGIMG_5568.JPGIMG_3922.JPGIMG_5173.JPGWill Spence, MC Planning Director

Will Spence, MC Planning Director

Over 4000?  over 14,000? just residential?  Then we have the new MPD station almost completed, the High School approved, and the commercial, mixed used ones, both mauka and makai.   And HOW MANY motor vehicles will that bring to South Maui? These and a lot more questions will be answered on Tuesday evening, September 17 at the Kihei Charter School at 41 E. Lipoa in our ninth General Membership meeting of 2013 to inform and educate the South Maui (and beyond)  community. Retired UHMC professor Dick Mayer will offer a power point outlining all the various developments and their status, followed by County Planning Director Will Spence, who may suggest what the community can do to prepare and help facilitate proper infrastructure and connectivity.

Starting about 6:00 PM with pupu and talk story, this month’s general membership commences at 6:30 PM sharp to examine  proposed expanding development in South Maui. After announcements, Irene Bowie will open with a short segment on south Maui air pollution, the government agency responsible for legal enforcement , and how best to make an effective report to them as a responsible concerned citizen. After our monthly “sense of place” segment, the general membership will elect the nominating committee for selection of candidates for the 2014 Board of Directors. Then on to development.

Non perishable food donations are strongly encouraged for the ongoing Maui Food Bank drive.

Let us know if you have a suggested topic for a 2014 meeting: if you are passionate about an issue, considering working through one of our committees. Are you a member? Membership is not required to attend, but the more members we have, the stronger our collective voice. And  we’ll be interviewing 2014 director candidates for our BOD this and next month, if you have an interest.

For additional information,  call (508) 499-9996.