8/9/18 #kihei   

OK, by now we are aware of the overwhelming dangers of plastic debris in our oceans.  There are ever-growing monstrous garbage patches and creatures in near-by waters which are caught in deadly entanglements. We seem to hear even more about them every year. A newly revealed danger is how the mountains of all the various plastic trash are emitting greenhouse gases, exacerbating climate change! Fish, honu (“sea turtles” Hwn. – KCA editor),  seabirds, dolphins, and whales are ingesting and choking upon all manner of plastics.  This ultimately goes up the food chain to humans who eat fish and the desecration continues.

But we see small steps being taken by the government to reverse this situation. There are now laws which require the reduction of unnecessary plastic products.

Others are also becoming more involved. Here is a new step to lessen the amount of mono-filament fishing line debris entering the Kai at a North Kihei beach. It is a drop-box for used fishing line sponsored by the Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute. Good for them stepping up to help. What should the rest of us be doing? REDUCE, reuse, and recycle.