1/13/18 #kihei

The Kihei Community Association (KCA) is a membership organization. We are 100% volunteer-run, unfunded non-profit association. Our bylaws require six meetings of the general membership in alternating months beginning each January, on the third Tuesday of these months, and this has been followed since incorporation in 1960.

Very often these gatherings are referred to as community or public meetings because the Association has offered these meetings to the entire community, beyond those who step up to support KCA through joining as a member on some level.

Unfortunately, KCA is advised by those who decide not to join as members that they can get the information we offer, regardless of their membership status. This is understandable but it puts the KCA in a position where KCA is labeled as not being representative of the Kihei community due to the low membership numbers. This may be true on paper, but KCA specifically keeps all meetings open to all residents of Kihei and welcomes their input.

Regardless of open meetings, if more Kihei residents could officially join and participate in as many meetings as they can, then the KCA would be in a position that is definitely more democratic and representative. Further, with more Kihei residents as official members, the KCA could offer solutions for Kihei issues and proposals for Kihei which are more community-centered. Please consider joining the KCA for the nominal amount of $25 per year. 

Despite the comparatively low Kihei resident membership, the KCA board prepares for each membership meeting to ensure that all in attendance, bonafide paid members and Kihei residents, always have some voice to express their mana’o (ideas, opinions), since it is, in reality, a community or public meeting.

To start off 2019,  a large segment of the meeting will be devoted to hearing from those in attendance to decide upon which priorities and what concerns are the most important for the Kihei community.


  • Can we get truly affordable housing for both rentals and purchase?
  • What about short term rentals in South Maui?


  • Why is the Community Plan disregarded when it clearly states infrastructure is to be completed concurrently with development? We have questioned this ad infiniteum!
  • Why can’t we get a continuous sidewalk along South Kihei road, even if it is along one side?


  • Cove Park could possibly be one of the beaches with the worst bacteria-laden waters in the State of Hawaii!
  • Why do we have so few trees along roadways and in county parks?

So, everyone, please bring your concerns to the meeting this Tuesday evening, January 15th, at the St. Theresa Church Hall and voice them.

Our newly elected Council Chair Kelly King will be there to hear them. We had hoped to have other elected officials there as well, but our “third Tuesday evening” preceded the opening of the State Legislature Wednesday morning in Honolulu. The timing made it so that other elected officials could not participate, but the year is young.

We still have our continuous drive for donations of nourishing non-perishable food to feed our “community in need” for the Maui Food Bank.  Please be generous.

Admission is free, even if you are not a KCA member  – but you should be! Please join up with the nominal annual fee of $25.

6:30 PM at St Theresa Church Hall, at the corner of Lipoa and South Kihei Road.

For more info. please call (508) 499-9996.