Packed with presentations, information and representatives from numerous associations

1/23/18 #kihei
Last evening the Alliance of Maui Community Associations (Alliance) kicked off the new year with three varied topical presentations, all of which were briefer updates of presentations from previous meetings. 
Lauren Armstrong, Executive Director of the Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO),  Pam Eaton, Planning Administrator, Long-Range Division, Maui Department of Planning  and Adriane Raff-Corwin, Group Coordinator of Sierra Club (Maui) each presented specific proposed actions of their respective entities.
The room at the Kaunoa Senior Center was near capacity with about 30 guys. After intros by the irrepressible Dick Mayer, Lauren kicked off offering a survey which listed a number of island-wide proposed transportation projects, each including the proposed cost, with the task of eliminating enough of them to meet a designated total for a single year. Our first and lasting observation was the first two years had NO Kihei projects. We also noted that going through the entire document the Pi’ilani Highway mauka bypass road was never mentioned. There is an MPO public meeting at the KCC on Lipoa on Thursday Feb 8 at 6:00 PM.

Next up was Pam Eaton with her slide presentation on the Community Plan Update Process. (Members may recall we had a meeting on this topic last July with Pam) We expect the Kihei Makena Community Plan (from 1998) may begin the update process as soon as next year, a tad late from the required ten year update requirement.

This was followed by Sierra Club’s Adriane Raff- Corwin who addressed an effort to go to the A&B annual corporate meeting with a proposal on the use of Maui’s former sugar plantation lands.  Adriane also described the efforts of the Hukilike No Maui Coalition which links agriculture, affordable housing, and conservation on Maui.

The next meeting is set for 2/26/18.