WOW. After 52 visits to the Lipoa St Farmers’ Market each Saturday morning, this first anniversary celebrataion on July 30, complete with numerous government and other persons of note in attendance, was a challange to the regulars who go there to buy from the farmers. There was a lot of story taking and glad handing, even some stink eye as cars squeezed into parking areas. But mostly it was celebation and happy if harried farmers dealing, with a large flowing crowd. The official opening at 8:00 AM- one disappointed shopper left because she could not make a earlier purchase- included Mayor Alan Arakawa, who addressed the crowd, while wife Ann wisely shopped early for the best selection. Kihei resident Council member Don Couch also addressed the crowd, and local media queen and entertainer Kathy Collins was busily engaged by many. KCA was well represented, as they are every Saturday. I had to depart with a full bag (cloth of course) before the expected State officials arrived. Oh yeah, I sure thought I saw Tita there too.