UPDATE  1/6/16    FILED!   At conclusion Committee unanimously voted to file the, meaning bill stands unchanged AT THIS TIME  More later

Since Chair Baisa’s prior meeting,  SEE  https://gokihei.org/environment/so-what-happened-at-the-councils-water-resources-meeting-this-morning-see   did nothing but accept public testimony (and there was a lot,) concluding with the appearance of former So Maui Councilmember Michelle Anderson, who was instrumental in creating the bill, this 9 AM meeting, after more testimony, should move on to discussion by the members.

The purpose is to repeal or at least strongly limit this County ordinance.


KCA supported the law when it was originally proposed as an environmental concern, insuring adequate water supply for quickly developing new residential projects in a booming economy. While its importance lessened during the Great Recession as new development (and so much else) ground almost to a halt, now just when the economic situation has arguably risen back to pre recession levels, a movement, seeming fostered by the development and building corporations, wants to remove or gut the law.

We encourage you to submit your testimony to Chair Baisa and her Committee orally in person Wednesday morning, or at least in writing, minimally 24 hours before the meeting at wr.committee@mauicounty.usIMG_8266