11/27/20 #Kihei

In July, after years of discussion, there were extensive notices for a construction project at Kulanihakoi and Pi’ilani Hwy to install a temporary traffic signal. The signal was to enable heavy construction equipment to access the high school jobsite but it never came to fruition during the first phase when raw land was prepped for vertical construction. There were a few days of minor work before activity ceased.  Rumor had it that the delay was due to lack of permits issued by the Dept. of Public Works.  In November we now see work commence at the intersection.  SEE:  https://gokihei.org/development-project-review/piilani-hwy-at-kulanihakoi-street-slated-for-construction-starting-july-27.

We also see reduced speed signs for the entire stretch of the highway resulting in community upheaval. A call to HI Dept. of Transportation revealed a safety improvement project including installation of guard rails and restriping is behind the speed reduction but where was the notification to the community? We have two concurrent projects: the temporary signal at Kulanihakoi, the main entrance to the high school, and the improvements spanning nearly the entire length of Pi’ilani Hwy between N. Kihei Rd. and Wailea. We are told both projects might wrap up by the end of this year.  The contractors will have a signal light to help them safely enter and exit the school site and all drivers on the highway will have a safer road but with one more light to navigate. In the meantime, maybe we can get used to the reduced speed and appreciate a slower island pace before kids are running across the highway to get to school.