UPDATE 4/28/15 Six of KCA directors attended the meeting, along with about 30 So. Maui residents, all with a variety of concerns about the proposed addition gasoline tanks, at this veteran supermarket in South Kihei . While by regulation the owners or their agents had to schedule a public meeting and notify anyone with 500′ of the addition when applying for a Special Management Area (SMA) permit, KCA felt interest in our community went way beyond the 500” limit.

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KCA has submitted our relevant comments to the Maui County Planning Department concerning the developers request for a Special Management Area (SMA) permit, due to locations close proximity to our shoreline.



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UPDATE (4/20/15) A public “open house” for the community with information about the Kihei Foodland Supermarket proposed addition of a gas station on SKR has been announced by their agent, Munekiyo Hiraga, and KCA appreciates them sharing the information with us to help alert the So Maui Community.

As you see in the announcement, they applied for a Special Management Area Use Permit (SMA) back in January to the County Department of Planning, and as part of that process a public meeting is required with notice to neighbors within 500′ of the project, but we expect others beyond this boundary will be concerned and curious, and will attend the meeting next Tuesday (4/28/15) evening from 5;00 PM to 6:30 PM held within the Foodland Kihei Town Center , suite B-1, the former home of Aroma D’Italia Restaurant.

KCA will be there.

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A Foodland Gas Station in South Kihei??

 4/4/15 While we have no information on specifics, we are aware that the long standing Foodland Supermarket on South Kihei Road, across from the Kalama Park ball fields, has a gas station addition in the works. http://www.foodland.com/stores/foodland-kihei.

They have applied for a Special Management Area (SMA) permit to the County Planning Department due to the location. Questions were asked if the new Foodland market with the adjacent gas pumps in Maui Lani development fostered the idea to add them to the veteran store in Kihei, but that and all other questions would have to be addressed to the principals and their representative, Munekiyo Hiraga (MH).

MH had originally contacted us to set up a meeting, which was confirmed for April 23 at 10:00 AM with our Design Review Committee, but then MH advised, after meeting with the County Planning Department, to have a required “Open House” public meeting with neighbors within 500 feet of the proposed project, to which KCA would be invited, instead. We will advise our community details of this meeting when we become aware, which we expect to be this month.