If much of South Maui was unplanned, or poorly designed, is it too late to fix it? Do you have a  vision for Kihei’s future? What does smart planning mean to you? This month’s general membership meeting on Tuesday, April 16, will examine some of these issues and concerns, beginning at 6:30 PM at the Kihei Charter School, 41 E. Lipoa. behind the car wash. For years (decades?) we have heard about the value of a walkable, bike-able community, yet we still encounter segmented sidewalks along almost all of our streets, and cyclists encounter disjointed bike lanes of various widths that come and go along roadways. How much on the County budget being discussed by the Council now will go toward rectifying these shortcomings? KCA Past President George Rixey has agreed to participate once again to offer us some history of plans and concepts for So Maui from the 1990’s, and what happened to them.

Please remember non perishable foods for our continuing drive for the Maui food Bank. Doors open at 6:00 PM for pupu and talk story.Our meetings are open to everyone, but we suggest you become a member. For more information, call  (508)499-9996.