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Are you concerned about the explosive illegal fireworks on Maui? Can anything be done about this situation? Find out Tuesday evening at 6:00 PM at public meeting

4/27/19 #kihei #fireworks


This is NOT a KCA event but we share this community alert as each December – sometimes before– we hear the fireworks and then we hear from our community. Here is the press release regarding this community meeting.

WAILUKU, MAUI – In response to growing community concerns about the magnitude of illegal fireworks during the recent New Year’s holiday season, a community town hall meeting featuring a panel of law enforcement officials will be held on April 30 at 6:00 p.m. at the Pomaika’i Elementary School Cafeteria.  4650 S Kamehameha Ave, Kahului, HI.

 The panel will provide information on what efforts are being made to address the community’s concerns and the challenges their agencies encounter. Panelists include Police Chief Tivo Faaumu, Fire Chief David Thyne, Prosecuting Attorney Don Guzman, Harbors Maui District Manager Duane Kim, DLNR Division of Boating & Ocean Recreation Division Maui District Manager Paul Sensano, and Maui District Airports Manager Marvin Moniz.

Image by Wendy Osher

Concerns increased as constant fireworks described as “bomb-sounding” would occur throughout the island at unpredictable times with some neighborhoods experiencing it near-daily for several weeks during the holiday season. The combination of the exceptionally loud aerial noise and the randomness of when it would happen set off traumatic reactions from individuals suffering from PTSD, young children, animals, and families whose terrified pets are injured or killed by traffic after panicking and breaking free from their homes. The level of intensity and unpredictability of the fireworks would leave those impacted without the ability to prepare in any way.  

 â€œWe’re very grateful to be able to convene such a panel. We’ll have an opportunity to learn what’s being done and what are some of the challenges being faced,” said town hall moderator Mahina Martin. “A key question seems to be: How can we enjoy our holiday customs and traditions without causing a serious degree of trauma and harm to others in our community? Our intention is to have a chance for a healthy dialogue to take place – this town hall is part of that.”  The town hall is hosted by community-driven Paepae Maui Nei. For more information on the town hall, call/text 805-385-1221.