Bike Path to be completed in July29- Blessing at 11 AM

Furlough Friday for State and County workers had no effect on the contracted workers of GFB on June 24, as they continued working from each end at Waipuilani and Lipoa along Liloa. IMG_0102.JPGIMG_0103.JPGIMG_0110.JPGIMG_0109.JPGIMG_0108.JPGIMG_0107.JPGHowever the central portion arond Pi’ikea still has much to be done before the expected grand opening in July, 2011. IMG_0105.JPGIMG_0106.JPG

IMG_0065.JPGIMG_0064.JPGIMG_0063.JPGIMG_0063.JPGIMG_0060.JPGIMG_0059.JPGIMG_0058.JPGIMG_0056.JPGIMG_0057.JPGWhile it may not look like a modern bicycle path just yet, as we come up on the Memorial day weekend, Goodfellow Brothers Co are hard at work makai of Liloa constructing the long awaited first segemnt of the bike path/greenway extending from Waipuilani to Liloa, with a forecast of a July 20, 2011 opening.  Mahalo.IMG_0061.JPGIMG_0062.JPG

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7 Responses to “Bike Path to be completed in July29- Blessing at 11 AM”

  1. Jerome Kellner May 27, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    Thank you.
    I’m a bicyclist, and served on Mayor’s Bicycling Committee years ago and I appreciate how difficult these projects are.
    You do great work.
    All of Maui and all its inhabitants are better off with projects like this, whether they’re bicyclists or not.
    Thank you for all you do, you make a huge difference.

  2. Francesca Carey June 28, 2011 at 4:39 am

    So what happens to the ROUNDABOUT on Pi’ikea??
    I thought this was funded, and ready to connect with the Bike Path –
    what happened?

  3. Shel Braidman June 28, 2011 at 4:44 am

    I have been on the KCA planning ommittee. I could not bear the slow progress on almost any issue. This bike path was on the agenda 13 years ago and is still not complete. I don’t anticipate it being completed before the end of this year or oerhaps not at all..

    The park off of Welakahoa has been completed or nearly so for nearly amonth and is still not open. IThings move so slowly they fall off the radar. Welakahao tmeans strikle while hot! Or just do it! So do it! Imua!!

    Can anyone answer these? Don Couch please. Mayor !!! I await your reply.


  4. I’m curious just how much this bike path is costing us taxpayers. I am a casual bicyclist around town and have bicycled along Liloa many times. I’m sure the new bike path will be much nicer than biking on the street or sidewalk, but at what cost? How many bicyclists must travel this path to bring the cost per bicyclist down to $1 each (which is an extravagant sum in itself!)? In these days of austerity in federal, state, and county governments every single penny should be questioned before being designated for “nice” projects such as this. I would rather the money be used to fix up S. Kihei Rd., which has been a mess for years. And that proposed round-about (a.k.a. traffic circle) what an extreme waste of money to replace a perfectly fine and functioning 4-way stop!

  5. The bike path is scheduled to be completed in July, and round about scheduled to begin construction as bike path is completed

  6. How long ago were you on the KCA Planning committee? Who was committee chaair then? Councilman Couch and Mayor will not answer you from a post on this website. How you asked either or both of them your questions?

  7. First as a casual cyclist, you should be aware that it is against Maui Couny Code to bicycle on the sidewalk. I am a recreational cyclist, & personally & as a memberr, & then a board member of KCA, have advocated for safer & better places to ride. The long ago proposed Kihei Greenway along the N-S collector road, was to include a low impact roadway incorporated with pedestrian & bicycles lanes adjacent to the roadway. One tiny segment of this is Liloa.
    In my opinon, of the entire stretch of this corridor, Liloa may be the most bicycle friendly portion. Since it seems the road wil not be built anytime soon, the KCA has been advocating for a simple asphaly type strip be constructed along the entire lengh, offering a safe place to all bike riders, including schoool children, as the path touchs all of our schools.
    As we know the process here, the segment of the path was approved in different economic times than when construction began. Some use use the adjective safe rather than nice is discribing a bike path.
    Why not join a KCA committee to enable participation in a direction more to you thinking?