Last evening (11/18/13) at the Kaunoa Senior Center, the Alliance of Maui Community Associations monthly meeting gathered to examine the general topic of Safe Drinking Water for Our Communities, featuring some expert guests. The first was Water Resource Planner Eva Blumenstein from the County Department of Water Supply, who was accompanied by Department Director Dave Taylor and manager Pam Pouge. Blumenstein began the meeting with a power point presentation, which generated a number of questions and comments that were handled by the department trio.

Also welcomed was Dr Lorrin Pang, the Maui Director of the State Department of Health, who explained its charge is water quality, checking for germs and chemicals in drinking and bathing water. Also their epidemiological department checks for disease issues. In addition Council-member Mike Victorino, who chairs the water resources committee was invited to participate, but was unable to make it due to flight challenges in from Oahu. Your Association was represented by directors Daniel Kanehele and Mike Moran.

The Alliance’s next meeting is set for Jan 20, 2014 at this same location.


Eva Blumenstein, MC  Water Resource Planner

Eva Blumenstein, MC Water Resource Planner