Later this month (DEC), we will be examining the A & B Kihei Residential Project.

About three and a half years ago, Alexandra and Baldwin, (A&B) offered a presentation to KCA on the plans for this North Kihei 500 unit residential project, composed of mostly multi-family and some single family, with manini commercial, to basically support the project residents. Located mauka of the Pi’ilani Highway in the area of Kaiwahine Street, original presentation expected construction would have begun last year. SEE . Your Association held a community meeting on the this proposed development in September, 2010.   Here is link to Maui Weekly report of the  September, 2010 KCA meeting––299-hei.html.

Seemingly there are numerous changes, and we will look at the new proposal. Will the EIS and Boundary Amendment hold with the proposed changes? Will vehicle traffic considerations, not just for Kaiwahine and the substandard Pi’ilani Highway, but the entire South Maui area be considered? We await the information from Mr Grant Chun to see what has transpired since June, 2010. Stay tuned.