Will participate in “Goverance” Discussion

While our general membership community meetings must, by their very nature, be planned months in advance, of course last minute changes are always possible. So those who have been attending prior meetings, checking this website, or several media sources are aware the upcoming meeting on “governance” in Maui County had Managing Director Keith Regan as one guest. But get ready for one of these last minute changes. As part of his duty he will be off island on the 19th, but get this. So our community is not disappointed, the County Administration has graciously altered Mayor Arakawa’s schedule , and he will take part in the discussion . Mahalo to the Mayor and his staff for this accommodation. The rest of the planned meeting continues as set– SEE https://gokihei.org/education-2/first-community-meeting-examines-governance-of-maui-county-on-19th   IMG_9127