Tuesday (11/24/15) at 9:00 AM in the Planning Commission in Office downstairs

Agenda: http://www.mauicounty.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/20961    See  D. Communications

A great portion of the active south Maui community are very strong believers in the Kihei-Makena Community Plan (KMCP) and when “our” Councilman proposed a bill in his Council’s Planning Committee, identified as PC-21 (simply the 21’st item in his Planning Committee this year) which would weaken the strength of KMCP in favor of zoning, we had a groundswell of communication to stop this, so we were among many who offered testimony against the measure, and it went back to the drawing board for restructure. But when the new version was announced and scheduled for a Committee hearing and it was examined, the outcry crescendo rose, and the announced meeting was canceled due to “lack of quorum.” but many believed in was lack of support.

The next we heard the topic was now coming up on the Administrative side by Planning Director as an item at this Tuesday’s Planning Commission., and the question arose, was this PC-21 in a new form? So the name stuck, even though it did not apply any longer. But whether this misnamed PC-21 or the actual “amending MCC Chapter 2.80B, it is seen as the same action to lessen the strength of community plans in favor of zoning laws and rules. So we will be before the Commissioners Tuesday on item D-1 from the Planning Director. .

So what is really going on here? Our understanding is a strong segment of our county government, on both the executive and legislative sides, are working together to lessen the effectiveness of the “peoples’ plans,” Community and island and county wide ones, to give greater force to a very old, some say outdated and with a great need for review, zoning code. We intent to express our conclusions on this matter to the Commissioners and listen to their discussion. Whatever they decide to recommend will go back to the Council.