UPDATE  3/22/19  All indications are this housing project centered at NE corner of Welakahao and SKR will be on Maui planning Commission agenda of April 9 at 9:00 AM

11/8/18 #kihei  

Just past 6:30 PM, Jordan Hart kicked off the meeting offering a slide presentation to about forty attendees. It appeared that most of those present were residents from the area surrounding the project, and who may have received the required mail notification to residents who live within 500′ of the proposed development.

One of the prominent concerns seemed to be the impact on vehicular traffic on Welakahao, and nearby intersections. Other concerns included were area drainage and stormwater runoff; lack of any transportation connectivity for cars, pedestrians, or bikes with the future North-South Connector Road, which is adjacent to the eastern project boundary; “isolation from surrounding community” partially based on homes facing away from perimeter roadways; and protection for endangered species in the area.

The project has already had a hearing at the County Urban Design Review Board this past Wednesday (11/7/18)  and the results were sent on toward the Maui Planning Commission to request a Special Management Area (SMA) permit to proceed.