At the July community meeting it was requested that the KCA assemble the addresses of South Maui’s representatives so that concerned citizens could easily voice their opinions to them about the Pi’ilani Promenade.  It was further requested that a sample letter was provided that could be edited as needed.  See list of representatives and a sample letter below.

Don Couch

Council Member for South Maui
Kalana O Maui Building
200 South High St.
Eighth Floor
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Mayor Alan Arakawa

Mayor of Maui County
200 S. High St.
Kalana O Maui Bldg 9th Fl.
Wailuku, HI  96793

George Fontaine

House District 12
415 S. Beretania Street
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 311
Honolulu, HI 96813

Roz Baker

Senatorial District 5
415 S. Beretania Street
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 230
Honolulu, HI 96813

Sample Letter

Download the Word Template: FormLettertoElectedOfficials

Dear ___________________,

I am writing to express my concern about the Pi’ilani Promenade Shopping Center and Outlet Mall that was approved by the state Land Use Commission in 1994-95 as the Kaonoulu Industrial Park and is designated in the Kihei Makena Community Plan for light industrial use, with commercial uses in the industrial park restricted to serving light industries in the park.

I have not had an opportunity to be heard on the shopping center and mall and want and demand a voice. The developer’s web site describes the shopping center and mall as being located at what it says will become the largest intersection in Maui County, and the developer says the outlet mall will be the largest outlet mall in the state. I have never had an opportunity to speak to this, nor has anyone else in my community.

When the project came before the Land Use Commission for reclassification, and before the County of Maui for inclusion in the Kihei Makena Community Plan, it was represented to be a 123 lot light industrial park to serve the interests of local businesses. It was never presented as a huge 700,000 square foot retail shopping complex.

I am concerned about

  • the degradation to our community resulting from this 1970’s era automobile centric big box center that lacks character and beauty;
  • the loss of a local identity from building the same big box center found throughout anywhere USA;
  • added traffic on Pi’ilani Highway that was not presented to the county or state;
  • the impact big box mainland stores will have on existing shopping centers and locally owned businesses;
  • the project’s failure to comply with state Land Use Commission conditions requiring it to be built as represented to the Commission and noncompliance with our community plan;
  • the lack of connector roads with other mauka developments, as ordered by the Commission; and
  • denial of my right to be heard on the matter.

As my elected representative, I want you to provide me with a voice in this matter in accordance with state and county law.



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