UPDATE  5/20/17    We mentioned  no signage just a week ago, & there you go, a sign appears .



UPDATE  5/13/17  We have no information when this is expected to be open, but examining the land offers some indications.

Presence of vehicles means soon, and sacks of mulch indicates landscaping is progressing, but we see  no signage to provide information. 



#kihei 4/22/17. Recently we had inquiries about what was happening along the South side of Pi’ikea, just mauka of the Azeka Shopping Center. Word is a food court, essentially a plot of protected land for parking a number of food trucks. So as the land appears to becoming graded and graveled and a perimeter fence erected, and as the landscaping was being added last week, can the trucks be far behind?

We believe the land belongs to the Krausz Co, who has been working for a decade to break ground on the Downtown Kihei (SEE also https://gokihei.org/development-project-review/work-continues-on-downtown-kihei-commercial-project-along-piikea) commercial project just mauka of there along both sides of Pi’ikea. It appears they have leased out this lesser segment for this use.

As for the long awaited project itself, they offered a presentation last month to a group of Maui commercial realtors. Indications are they could proceed building in 2018. As always, stay tuned.