IMG_1976The cavernous Kihei Community Center was the setting for South Maui’s turn to hear an update from the County’s Department of Transportation (DOT) under the Direction of JoAnn Johnson Winer. At the announced start of 6:00 PM we observed barely a dozen attendees, but those participating were very active & concerned

While much of the Maui Community still seems to have lingering confusion of the responsibility of this Department, which is basically public transportation, thus the Maui Bus and County Ferry System, and in South Maui the emphasis is on the buses, including routes, stops, service, shelters, etc. Also the “special mass transportation” needs of the disabled, so MEO and Para-transit and how they interact with the major “regular bus system.”

But this meeting was focused strictly on the County’s “Short Range Transit Plan,” and those in house were well aware of that. The meeting opened with a power point presentation by Wes Frysztacki of Weslin Consulting Services who astutely targeted his presentation to the S Maui portion of the Plan (and expect he would do likewise geographically at the next three presentations.)

We found the meeting well organized and informative, and all reasonable questions were answered reasonably & responsibly. Kudos to the presenters for commencing promptly at 6:00 PM (a la KCA style)

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