Why donate a public park bench to your community?


Have you noticed the number of strategically placed benches at our various seaside locations throughout Kihei with the KCA plaque? Each bench was purchased by a donation to KCA, while the installation and bureaucratic legwork was done by KCA volunteers. To maintain  this community project, we continue to look for donors. Each bench is $1500., but you can go for a half or third interest at $750. or$500 respectively. Benches can be for a business, your Ohana, or dedicated to someone or something you care for or love. If this sounds like your way to bestow honor, while offering anyone a picturesque place to sit, contact us at kca@gokihei.org or call 879-5390.


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2 Responses to “Why donate a public park bench to your community?”

  1. $1500. dollars for a single park bench? Who’s making them? Let’s get some details on the people, the materials and the process. Sounds like the county shovelling kickbacks into their pockets. Why don’t the members of Rotary island wide pony up and buy the materials? volunteers all over Maui would be happy to make them. Think what $1500. could do to support a single school class on Maui. Adopt a class!

  2. Mahalo for you comment on this KCA program, Bobby. To clarify this is a KCA project, and we do the purchasing and installation, not the County. If you are interested in participating, we are happy to offer details and answer questions. If you contact any of the Rotary Clubs on Island, you can offer your suggestion to them. If you look at the benches, or even just the pictures, I don’t expect you would think Maui volunteers can produce them. However if you know of anyone who can do so, we’d be happy to purchse on island. As a frequent contributor, have you considered becoming an individual KCA member, or perhaps a businee member for you local long time dive company? Aloha.