Who designed these traffic signals in central Kihei?

UPDATE: We observe in the mayor’s proposed budget, now before the County Council, a CIP item (3-182) for Public Works for this problem area at a cost of just over $1.M over next five years.***

For well over a decade numerous public complaints have been expressed about the three traffic signals on SKR between Lipoa and Pi’ikea, which at times seem to be designed to assure each vehicle has to wait at three consecutive red lights, and some of them more than once, to traverse across central Kihei. As there has been no improvement or modification all this time, does this mean nothing can be done? Can the timing on the lights be modified for better traffic flow? Is the middle light, which is only for access to the shopping center, really necessary? Is this a reasonable spot for Kihei’s next roundabout? Are you concerned about this?

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2 Responses to “Who designed these traffic signals in central Kihei?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more that this is a concern and borders on dangerous at times. I was especially surprised that no modifications were made to compensate for the extra congestion during the roundabout construction. One would think that modifications would’ve been made to deal with all of the additional flow at the Pi’ikea light. From 4 -5ish the left turn lane there is very dangerous. Not to mention the traffic from Kihei Elementary during morning drop off and afternoon pick up at the Lipoa light.Proactive management would be a nice quality to have with regard to our infrastructure.

  2. All good points. To further illustrate the continuing problem, these pix were taken between 1:00 and 2:00 PM on Prince Kuhio Day, when schools and county/state governments were closed.