This cannot be good for our coral reef system

We all know how a variety of actions by mankind have devastated the coral reef system all around Maui, which greatly affects the sustenance of our near shore ocean waters. For much of the day today (7/7/12), Maalaea Bay was inundated with this brown mass blowing onto the kai, which makes us wonder why the reef at Maalaea is not totally gone.

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3 Responses to “This cannot be good for our coral reef system”

  1. I’d like contact information on this brief article and what is the brown mass? Mahalo

  2. Do you mean contact information on who wrote it? Each post shows that, & of course it is I. The “brown mass” is wind driven earth particles from portions of H C & S fields where there is no growth presently, & this happens continuously.

  3. WOW. A picture paints a thousand words. We need to learn to harvest our cane without the detrimental mess to our air quality and obviously our other natural resources. Thanks for the photos!