Still building in Kihei’s Wetlands?

The hard working team from Maui Master Builders are the guys digging that huge hole along SKR’s makai side, just south of Kulanihakoi St.  Apparently more beach front homes will soon appear in the area that continues to flood, even from modest Island rain storms. While we have been “lucky” that this season that rain has been minimal, we continue to take actions to exacerbate the causes of flooding to the detriment of area residents and the near shore ocean waters and coral reef system there



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6 Responses to “Still building in Kihei’s Wetlands?”

  1. Dont know if this development is on wetlands, but nice to know KCA is concerned about building on wetlands…..what about the Krausz development or Kihei Wellness Center
    projects that are definately built on or directly adjacent to wetlands and that your
    association “approved”?

  2. Mahalo for your input, Carol. I profess no expertise, but my understanding was almost all of Kihei coastline was natural wetlands before the development, and served the natural function of protecting and filtering the kai from mountain runoff.
    For the record KCA has not approved the Krause proposed development not any other project.

  3. Was under the impression that KCA gave its stamp of approval for the Krause development after reading info. like;
    “Now that their design has earned the backing of the Kihei Community Association, they can proceed with the lengthy process of securing the zoning and other permits needed before breaking ground.” Maui News Aug.3’09

  4. Not sure who you are quoting from the Maui News, as shows no name. However, here’s what we have from that days newspaper, “They’ve done a good job trying to mold their project around community desires,” says Jon Miller, who can speak with authority on the issue as president of the Kihei Community Association

  5. You read the article. Who do you think Im quoting.

  6. What I see in Maui News on referenced date is an editoral, not a news article, Carol,and I show the KCA quote. The quote you offer with no source was not contained within. so I won’t guess who it may be.