Pay to park your motor vehicle in Kihei?


The dirt lot that has served as an “overflow” parking lot for Kam III on mauka side of S. Kihei Road at Keonekai St is now a pay-per-use facility. This lot was generally considered to be County property by many of us, including our mayor; thus the community outrage when the signage went up announcing parking rates, and penalties for not paying when using the lot. However, upon investigation, it seems this is private property, so just another piece of the capitalist system. We are awaiting confirmation to determine if  this was properly permitted, and a legal use of this land. By the looks of the empty lot – so far it does not appear to be a successful business venture.

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3 Responses to “Pay to park your motor vehicle in Kihei?”

  1. As president of the Haleakala Shores AOAO, I have heard several complaints about the new parking lot, especially about the signs. They are too large, ugly and not very fitting for our beach community.

  2. i was very surprised that there is no stormwater control at all for this paved site generating runoff. And why is there no parking permitted on the adjacent road half way up the block, to benefit the lot owner? This is rediculous.

  3. More damned signs Californicating Maui. No sign for any business should be allowed with bigger print than our street signs!