Once again North Kihei intersection experiences stormwater effect

Kaonoulu and SKR closed by DPW today as Kulanihakoi Gulch floods the area and spills into the kai

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2/12/17  Yes, here we go again. Last night’s and this morning’s rainstorm gave this area near the Whale Sanctuary and the Maui Lu Resort another dose of brown storm water full of “who knows what.” See some history at http://gokihei.org/?s=brown+water+flooding&submit=Search

The long term effort continued on Sunday when some heavy rain brought out the ever-ready team from Director Goode’s Department of Public Works to close SKR while they cleared the roadway. KCA visited the site today to offer these pictorials.

Please be aware there is is a community groundswell of effort for a project to help alleviate this reoccurrence with a multifaceted effort of overall natural improvement in this mauka to makai area, as many have the realization that practical action is needed. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to “Once again North Kihei intersection experiences stormwater effect”

  1. This will continue until there are MAJOR retention areas created on the dry land mauka of Pi’ilani Highway. BIG ones, hundreds of acres in size that are capable of holding everything that spills off the mountain during a downpour. Most of the year the retention areas would be bone dry. During a downpour they would retain the flood waters, allowing it to slowly settle into the ground replenishing the ground water in the area. This would also green up the area, creating better pasture for cattle.

  2. Ahh, but who would pay to do this??
    However there are numerous somewhat less expensive reasonable actions which can help mitigate. Lesser retention & detention basins; rain gardens; green street principals, eco engineering can all lessen the flows
    But when humans screw with mother nature, clear cutting upcountry forests, dump waste in dry gulches, fill in near shore wetlands & build huge structures with paved parking lots, this is what you get