Land Use Commission examines North Kihei Eclipse commercial development site

Yesterday (8/2/12) afternoon, the Hawaii State Land Use Commission arrived at the construction entrance mauka the Pi’ilani Hwy before one PM for a “site visit” of the proposed location of the two adjoining retail shopping malls, in preparation for their  “scheduled”  public hearing in about three weeks.  The hearing is set for either August 23 or 24 (stay tuned)  to address the legal administrative action concerning the shopping malls.  Public testimony, both written and oral, will be accepted.

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3 Responses to “Land Use Commission examines North Kihei Eclipse commercial development site”

  1. Karen McGinnis August 6, 2012 at 8:46 am

    Is this the Super Ferry all over again? Why are local laws, zoning, State and Federal requirements and everything that is NOT part of the developer’s plan ignored? Why is this project above the law and above the influence of the local community? Is it because of MONEY? Well that is just wrong. So they build this, and then leave it like a blight on the landscape of the island? Who are these people? and why do they think they are better than the locals? Where is the accountability? Our local representatives are ….where again? OH yes, something was said about being ‘in the pocket of…” Now if that is not true, step up and represent! It’s your job! Think about the land. Think about the traffic. Think about the run-off and the ocean life that will be affected by it. We need jobs? Perhaps, but not at the rate per hour that retail clerks will be paid. Where is the ‘career’ in that? So what will be created here, this retail location will just bring IN goods, and TAKE AWAY money. It is not here to create anything sustainable for the local community! Let’s think about this, who exactly is it GOOD for? Who is going to BENEFIT from it? for the long run? We are not talking about an immediate job driving a D9 for a month? These buildings and pavement and traffic will be with the local population for ….how long? perhaps lifetimes? We are NOT the mainland, let’s not try to be, let’s not look like the mainland, let’s not build like the mainland. If you want to shop…go to San Jose, or Los Angeles, don’t come to Maui. So Eclipse Developers…go away, leave us to our grasslands, our beaches, our coral and turtles and fish, and less traffic, not more. If people want to work in a shop, they will go where the shops are. If they think they need Calvin Klein shorts, let them buy them in New York, then come here for the sun, sand and solitude, not the shopping! Aloha in the best possible way, take it to heart!

  2. Right on, Mike. Good for you. This should be published as an editorial in one of the local papers. You’ve hit all the hot spots. God bless. Dottie

  3. If people want to build, then build something that is more in line with a ‘World Class Tourist’ destination!

    Build a Hawaiian Cultural Center, something more along the lines of Maui’s Hawaiian Disney World, and I don’t mean a Disney world in the sense of amusement, but a Hawaiian Cultural Center! Now tell me at this level, tourists are not going to be interested in this? You better believe they will and something like this will better boost our economy which is based off of what? –> TOURISM!

    Tourist don’t need shopping malls and neither do we, this community is to small!

    If you are local and live here and need more shopping malls and stores, then I begin to question the type of person you are living on Maui, because if there’s not enough here already for you, then please move back to where ever you came from and leave Maui alone!