KCA meets together with Dan Burden, Planning Dept and NPAC

Thursday (2/16/12) morning, members of the KCA board and planning committee had the opportunity to discuss Kihei’s  “walkable/bikable” needs, & how to achieve them with renowned street planner Dan Burden and his Walkable and Livable Communities Institute with manager Sarah Bowman, three members of  County Planning, Jeff Duck, Kathleen Kern and David Yamashita and representative of Maui’s Nutritional & Physical Activity Coalition (NPAC,) coordinator Sandra McGuinness, at the KCA office. After seeking input from all in attendance, Dan offer a power point addressing numerous challenges faced by various communities, as well as proposed solutions, followed by a spirited discussion among all the entities, on how similar concerns in Kihei might be handled.

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2 Responses to “KCA meets together with Dan Burden, Planning Dept and NPAC”

  1. I would like to see less waste of water, even if the water being used is refuse,in these designs. I believe you can have beauty without the color green. We live in a desert, Kihei gets less rain than Tucson, AZ.
    Meleana K

  2. I agree with Meleana about working with the environment we have in Kihei. We live in desert like conditions here and I dont know how realistic planning for a walking/biking community is. Historially very few people lived in Kihei cause of the lack of water and the extreme heat. With global warming, Kihei will continue to got hotter so its actually unhealthy to be walking around esp. after 11 am. I used to bike around Kihei up until about 11 years ago when the amount of traffic, especially tourist cars, increased so its become too unsafe. It would be cool to start planning for a communnity that deals with the facts of what we have not some fantasy.