How Will Sempra’s Auwahi Wind Farm Project Affect S. Maui?

As we gaze west, we easily view the established and developing wind turbines on the West Maui Mountains, but what about the next project,  Sempra’s Auwahi Wind , set to begin its next phase on Tuesday (4/17/12) above us on Haleakala?  They have already been doing preliminary work including drilling a well.  Will our roadways be affected during construction?  Do we have to be concerned with runoff flooding down into our near-shore waters? Initial indications are the 4/19 start date will involve water tanker trucks hauling water, likely using an upcountry route from the Kula highway, followed  by cement trucks, using an as yet undetermined route, but the over-sized trucks hauling the components not until probably this summer. KCA has requested  to meet with the developer before end of this month. Stay tuned.


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4 Responses to “How Will Sempra’s Auwahi Wind Farm Project Affect S. Maui?”

  1. How about the geothermal project planned for the same area?

  2. What about it? Do you have some informtion to share with the community?

  3. Based on how frequently our other wind turbines are NOT operating … why do we even need to do this?

  4. Our understanding is this project is already completely approved, and installation has begun. That’s why we are looking on the effect on Kihei, not whether it is needed. Do you have some data or stats on the exisiting tubines?