Candidate forums: results and predicitions

Last evening’s (7/3/12) well organized and produced So Maui House primary candidate forum on Akaku, to help determine which of four Democratic candidates will challenge incumbent George Fontaine in November, began with an unusual development concerning prior two term representative Joe Bertram III. It was more what Joe didn’t say than anything else, as although he had confirmed participation, according to forum organizers, he didn’t show up. So his seat was empty as Netra Halperin, Colin Hanlon and Kaniela Ing responded to the queries posed by Kathy Collins and Lucienne de Naie for almost two hours. Since Joe has been extremely low key so far, and now this, questions arise where his indicated union support will go if he  does not participate in the campaign for the August 11 primary election. Impartial knowledgeable sources we quizzed indicated all three candidates performed well. If you missed it, Akaku will be running the program frequently, so check listings.

Next up is the July 24 6:00 PM program on Akaku’s Ch 53 for all Maui races on the primary ballot, so these three (or four) will be before the camera again with candidates from five other races. KCA suggests house parties to watch and discuss whom you favor next month. Be sure to register soon and then vote. 



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One Response to “Candidate forums: results and predicitions”

  1. MJ Duberstein July 6, 2012 at 9:55 am

    According to his family Joe was sick and they were “unable” to contact anyone. Sorry to hear that. Still, it doesn’t explain why no signs, no lit drops, no door-to-door that I know about. If, as the state Democratic Party has indicated, this is a priority objective to unseat a dedicated Tea Partier–and the ONLY seat lost to RepublicaNOs two years–Joe’s style just does not cut it, especially when there are three other far more qualified and well prepared primary candidates. I’m not saying Joe NEVER could win in November, but at this pace, his efforts–sick or not–just are not adequate.