Are You Concerned About Homelessness in Kihei? Then be there on OCT 30!

“There” is the Kihei Community Center and the time is 5:30 PM

10/28/17 #kihei Want a say in how over $1.million will be spent in S Maui on homelessness? BE THERE

10/4/17 # kihei
OK, you missed the first meeting last month, so here is the second opportunity. The money to be discussed can only be spent in our region, 
and it is our understanding that the main purpose of these meetings is to seek community input as how best to spend it.

Decision makers heard from a few guys at the 1st meeting (SEE, but there seem to be very many residents with grave concerns about the issue who did not offer input. So we all know how it goes. If you do not offer input, it is then unreasonable to voice complaints about the decisions. We strongly encourage you to attend on Monday evening,10/30/17, 5:30 PM at the Kihei Community Center.

Stay tuned.

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7 Responses to “Are You Concerned About Homelessness in Kihei? Then be there on OCT 30!”

  1. How much money are we talking about?

  2. Like it says in he first meting report, $1.5M

  3. Hi Mike… I just returned to Maui, and I am very concerned about this Homeless problem – there is a group camped on the State land next to Wapuilani Park that has neighbors fearful. I did call DLNR… And I plan to attend the meeting tonight & bring a tenant along. Have any ideas been put out there? Enforcement costs $ — we need to keep the homeless from camping on State beaches and public parks.

  4. I tried to find comments from the first meeting, and could not.??? Also, who is hosting this meeting? The County Council? I wonder if the DLNR has been invited? Have the Maui PD been invited?

  5. Hi Judi ,
    Our S Maui Council member Kelly King has arranged both the first & this meeting; as she hosted the 1st, expect she will this one as well As we reported after the first meeting at Sam Millingtom was hired to facilitate that meeting for the panel of 3 wahine, but nor certain of that for this one. Two other Councilmembers attended. My understanding was MPD was invited to 1st meeting, but did not attend; they are invited again tonight, & are expected to send someone. I did not hear DLNR was included by Sen Baker is expected on the State level. Our understanding is the focus is to get public input om what to do with the $1.5 M in our area concerning housing & homelessness. It is NOT our meeting but we explicitly invited to attend & to encourage community members to do so as well.See you there.

  6. I did post a “post meeting” thought summary. Wonder why it is not here?

  7. It IS there, Judi. It is the first comment under the post. “I was at the meeting….” But this is another post. you put your comment under the other one, not this one.