Video Posted of April, 2012 Meeting on The Maui Island Plan and Pi’ilani Promenade

Video (1/5): Presentation of Planning Director Will Spence and Long Range Planner John Summers

Video (2/5): Presentation of Bill Frampton and Opening Questions (Tom Kelly)

Video (3/5): Question and Answer (Why Pi’ilani Promenade is Entitled)

Video (4/5): Question and Answer

Video (5/5): Question and Answer

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a KCA Board Member and volunteer who enjoys life in South Maui.

2 Responses to “Video Posted of April, 2012 Meeting on The Maui Island Plan and Pi’ilani Promenade”

  1. The proposed two giant Kihei malls off Pi’ilani, encompassing 75 acres, and
    projected to create huge volumes of traffic (according to the developer PR), has State Land Use approvals for a “light Industrial” project.

    Although “light industrial” usually allows commercial, the original approval was given only after conditions were included to specify this as a mostly light industrial area, with little traffic, a frontage road and “minimal” commercial. The Community Plan also has specific language for “minimal commercial” for this area.

    Residents of South Maui are upset about the potential traffic, impacts on local businesses, and the addition of large impervious parking lots that will exacerbate flooding.

    Yet the County is not requiring the developer to comply with the Kihei-Makena Community Plan nor State Land Use Commission project conditions.

    Instead, heavy traffic-producing, retail stores with parking lots four times the size of Costco’s are being given a green light in violation of the projects’ original conditions.

    Please ask your County Councilmember to READ the original LUC conditions and then ask the County Planning Dept. TO COMPLY WITH THOSE CONDITIONS!


    SIGN WAVING at the MEGA MALL site: Pi’ilani Hwy and Kaonoulu – THURSDAY, MAY 31, FROM 3-6pm.

    There is plenty of parking on Kaonoulu.
    No pets or children for safety reasons.
    We need your support to stop this Mega Mall on our beautiful island…