Open public meeting (un?) announced on Pi’ilani Commerical projects in No. Kihei

UPDATE: 8/22/13  KCA was advised today that Sarofim has not scheduled a public meeting for this month. We have no information concerning the conflict with public media reports earlier this month that there would be. The KCA BOD will likely have another meeting with Sarofim in September.

Reports today  on    ,     states in part that “Jencks also noted that the owners plan to host a community-wide informational meeting on the project later this month.”  Please note this is NOT A KCA MEETING.. While the KCA has had several in-person meetings with the principals and representatives of Sarofim Realty , as well as numerous written, email and telephone communications, we have not be advised of any such public meeting this month as announced here. We are just alerting our community on this publicized report. If we do receive any information, we will post it on this website, as we continue to strive to answer any and all inquiries openly and publicly about these projects, at times referred to as “mega malls.” The land is mauka of the Pi’ilani highway, apparently to be “split” by the continuation of Ka’ono ulu St in North Kihei.

The comments KCA made in this report were made with no knowledge of this proposed public meeting. We only learned of it from viewing this item this afternoon (8/2/13)



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3 Responses to “Open public meeting (un?) announced on Pi’ilani Commerical projects in No. Kihei”

  1. GREGORY FREEMAN August 21, 2013 at 3:41 pm


  2. KCA has invited them to present update to community several times past few months, but now appears they will not be ready and able to do so until some time in 2014.

  3. Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez September 4, 2013 at 9:51 am


    The next meeting between Sarofim Realty Advisors and the KCA Board of Directors will be on September 10 at 10 a.m. in the KCA offices.

    The meeting has been scheduled for several weeks now with the help of Mike Moran

    We appreciate the leadership of Mike and the KCA Board in meeting with Sarofim Realty–which took over management of the Piilani Promenade from Eclipse development, re-envisoned the project as a smaller light industrial, mixed use retail project with 200 units of affordable rental housing–and has initiated community meetings with various organizations (including several with the KCA).


    We had hoped to hold a larger community meeting earlier this summer, however, that meeting will be more productive and informative following our September 10 meeting with the KCA in which we will have an opportunity to discuss their extensive suggestions made in detailed letters sent to Sarofim in June and July, after we had met with them in both of those months, and previously as well.

    In the meantime, as promised to the KCA and the State Land Use Commission, no work has been undertaken on Piilani Promenade and Sarofim has delivered to the SLUC a notice to file an environmental impact statement (this is a public notice and can be reviewed by all interested partiers–the KCA has a copy that was Sarofim had delivered to them). A formal EIS is then planned to be submitted to the SLUC. This will also be available for public review and comment.

    We strongly encourage the public to comment on the SLUC filings and to attend the community meeting we plan to hold following the September 10 KCA meeting, in which we will present the current project to them and review the changes suggested by the KCA.

    We deeply appreciate the work of the KCA and look forward to additional their assistance in the future.


    Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez