IMG_2386 IMG_2388 IMG_2389 IMG_2390At the first of two meetings on Maui today (12/17/15) at 10:00 AM at the State Wailuku Health Center next to out hospital, KCA was among just six attendees to be informed by Sina Pruder of the Wastewater Division on an upcoming administrative rule change concerning cesspools.

This was a far cry from a prior one about a yard ago held in the County Council Chambers, see concerning proposed changes of policy on cesspools, see

 Public Hearings for Chapter 11-62 Hawaii Administrative Rules Amendments

Your Association submitted out Wastewater Position Paper as our testimony at the morning meeting in Wailuku.

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  1. I find acessing information from your website very confusing and nearly impossible.

    We have been members of KCA since purchasing our house in 1984 – 5 years before we retired and moved to Kihei.

    We are not able to attend the meetings since Marion does not have a driver’s license and Tom cannot drive after dark.

    It would be great if KCA could have occasional meetings on Saturday morning as Roz Baker and Kainaele Ing used to do.

    Any chance of that happening?
    Mahalo. Tom and Marion Dozier

  2. Mahalo Tom and Marion for using our interactive website feature to express your displeasure about this website. We appreciate your long term membership with KCA. Honestly, in all the years we have offered it to membership and the community at large, while we have some disagree with specific positions we post, we have never had any criticisms of this nature. In fact we consistently receive numerous compliments about how well it functions and the extremely user friendly process.
    At least in this century, i don’t believe KCA has ever had Saturday morning meetings, and at this time I see no possibility of our all volunteer, unfunded, non profit organization doing so in the manner that State elected officials do on occasions.
    With the challenges you both face concerning driving after dark, perhaps your ohana or friends would offer to drive you to our regularly schedule community meetings on the third Tuesday evening of the month.